Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Classy chiffon dress

I seldom wear dresses but this time I bought a classy chiffon dress online. I find out that the dress too long for me, I get it alter and will be ready to pick up this coming Friday. I can't wait to try it on it is going to be the Christmas present for me and I will be using the dress for Chinese New Year.

I am thinking if I should wear legging to match the dress or maybe the shorts to match the dress. The inner lining is pretty short so I know it need to wear either legging or shorts to match the dress.

I bought the dress MYR$50 and alter cost MYR$20.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sleeveless top with clincher

I bought this top online and the clincher from the same online blog shop Jessabella's Plus Size Stealz that I usually hang out. With Internet access we can easily access from home and office, I am happy to see that I am blogging from my favourite place that is my home.

I worn these clothes to the treatment that I won and went for the treatments in early October. I won the facial treatment and body treatment and I choose to go Midvalley which is nearer for me. Other place does not have both treatments available. In the letter I was told to use both treatments at the same day. My weight was 64.6kg, now I am almost the same but I am pregnant now.

The brown pants I bought from Summit Shopping mall this is long pants I have another pair which is shorted green colour.

Looking for outdoor decor

No place like home that is why we always say home sweet home. Now when comes to home what do you do with your outdoor. I am checking on the outdoor hanging lights. Some houses here have the outdoor hanging lights over their wall. Especially at night when it is dark in the street, some homes turn on the outdoor hanging lights. For safety reason many home will turn on the light in the night but not all of them. Above picture is one of the outdoor hanging lights, you can also call it the outdoor hanging lanterns.

I visited this website and find many types of outdoor hanging lighting fixtures. Some friends are planning to decorate their new home it will be great for them to find the suitable outdoor hanging lighting fixtures for their new home. They usually make renovation and decorate their home before moving in.

I have seen houses with beautiful contemporary outdoor lighting. Now I know where to find the outdoor decor and outdoor hanging lighting.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

7D Dried Mangoes from Philippines

I love this and I am buying this from time to time. I like to eat dried mangoes and I found the 7D dried mangoes from Philippines all the way in Malaysia and also Singapore. I cannot believe my eyes that at Singapore the price is $5. It is much cheaper in Malaysia, it cost less than MYR10.

An exotic and nutritious treat for everyone and I love it. Have you try this dried mangoes, do you like it?