Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friends at work

It is GT time and this time it is friends at work. Frankly speaking not many pictures to share with you as I some jobs I work I don't get to have my picture back. Above is a photo of friends at work, it was a happy moment at the environment, could you tell which is me?

In the picture some of them are Japanese teacher, and some is the admin staff at the work. I started this job as part time clerk for many months then to full time and I was told that I will be given free lesson of Japanese class to attend but it was not true! In the end I quit the job as I am not happy there anymore. No point of working there since my heart no longer there.

Don't think that language class is easy to attend as you need to study from Beginner level to another and it can up to Advance levels.

Oh hey, if you wonder which is me, I am the standing back second from left of this picture.


Rossel said...

you look like Japanese too. you're right. there's no point of staying in a job if you're no longer happy even how big the salary is.

happy GT! mine is up too.

hevn said...

Heheee.. I managed to guess which was you before I read your last paragraph :D

K said...

thought it was you ;)

dropping by as Niko's proxy. hihi. thanks for participating this week! mwah!

by the way, i have a blog makeover raffle going on. i hope you can join (if you haven't already) :)

Sherry said...

hi rossel..yeah :D

hi hevn, good guess

hi K, yeah its me :D

redamethyst said...

got a tag for you

niko said...

oh thats a happy and sad story at the same time.. nice to meet ur work friends sherry!!

Bdw, sorry for the late hop my entry is here. See u this Thursday with ur most recent picture with your offline friends!

And thank you for joining GT!

Sherry said...

hi red, done the tag.

hi niko, saw it, so pretty, your boss very good to carry baby in pic ;D