Monday, November 30, 2009

Kampus Astro School Holiday Calendar

I am sure you like to find this Kampus Astro School Holiday Calendar!

Details of the events can be found at

For more info just click on the above link. Happy Holiday to the kids!

Blue egg ring

This is pretty blue egg ring with beads. Yeah it is custom made for a client. She loves blue eggs, I am sure you know that this piece of ring you can even twist it. I mean another side of it can be another pair of ring.

I know I like to turn my ring if I am wearing one. I like to share with you more handmade jewellery when I have the time.

Pink rose so beauiful

I love roses and I love the pink colour which are so attractive. The above pink rose ring is custom made by me. I love this design and my client loves it too.

The client has request three different ring which are rose, butterfly, and egg ring. The colour prefer for rose and butterfly are pink, as for egg she prefers blue colour.

Anyway I am not only have fun but I love making them.

Jewelry for bag

Time flies it is 30 Nov, 2009. What is your plan on December? I am sure most friends will be busy shopping for their loved one.

I don't have a present in mind but I have so many to share with you my handmade jewellery. Above you are looking at the pretty bracelet cum jewelry for bag!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shopping at Daiso

I had a great time at Daiso, below is my haul!

Yeah just two socks which are made in China, the soap and mask made in Japan. The Henna hair dye is made in India! Funny I think we can find this shop with various of products made in different country.

I know many women like to shop at Daiso for their cosmetics. Anyway not all cosmetics caught my attention. Do you have Daiso at your location? How often do you shop there? For me I think I only go once a month.

Online Karaoke

I have got friends with interest in singing, they sing for fun and some of them even taken part in contest. If you love to sing, check out Singstar for the online Karaoke. I am sure you like to sing and compete with your friends.

This site is user friendly and easy to access, just sign up as member for free. You get instant access and there is no need of download required. You can sing everywhere via your browser. I know friends that love singing I am sure they like the online Karaoke.

If you love challenge, take this as challenge and compete with your friends. Even with people around the world, it is fun as I see so many new members at this site. You don't need to pay at the small shop of Karaoke as now you can access to online Karaoke at your cosy space.

I dislike go to crowd places to sing Karaoke I find this site useful and I hope my friends will have fun too. Now they can even compete with their family members at their home. Just plug in your microphone to your PC and get started! Hurry up check out this site for the growing numbers of artists.

More cell phone charm or bag charm

Yeah I have made more the cell phone charm or bag charm. Just hang it where you prefer and it is so pretty!

I have so many to make I don't have time to blog. I have only got two hands so you got to check out my blog often to see new pieces of jewelry.

Anyway I have fun to make them and want to show you more when I have the time. Above is beautiful eggs with yellow rose. I think it can be either pendant or cell phone charm.

Need a good spa in France

If you are going for holiday think of going to spa too. I know if my friends heading to France, I want them to check out Thalasso. This is fun going to spa with your loved one, just the two of you. Now let's check out the Hotel paris, have a browse before make any decision.

It is not about shopping as I love to check out sightseeing as well. Let's take the tours of paris at this site. For more info just click on above link.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sugar cane

Thanks to the aunt neighbour for sharing this sugar cane. Earlier I have given her the papaya to try out. This is delicious so I am not going to eat it like or bite it as I have toothache. I will boil it as dessert soup!

Night market you can see many sugar cane juice, it is not cheap now as I think it will be MYR$3 a bottle if not mistaken.

I avoid taking so much of sugar as I worry of diabetes. Anyway I am thinking what I want to eat for lunch.

Pot racks for restaurant

I am sure everyone has been to restaurant. There are fine dining restaurant which my friends love to go. The food are delicious and they are using enclume pot racks. I check out the website they are many types of cookware for you to choose. This site is suitable for people who have interest to run a food and beverage restaurant.

They are many choices of enclume pot rack, I want to have one in my kitchen. My neighbour is having his house renovation, I am sure he wants a pot rack for his new kitchen. They love cooking and they have a huge family. They are so many choices on pot racks I think they will need to discuss which they prefer. I know everyone has got a budget just stick to them!

If I am going to have my kitchen renovation, I will choose the hanging pot rack. Enclume potracks are important to organize your kitchen cookware. To see more just click on the above link.

Jewelry for bag or necklace?

I love this so much, it can be jewelry for bag or necklace. I cannot believe I created this beautiful piece. I have fun making them, check out my jewelry store for more choice!

I love the heart so much they are six of them! Each piece of jewellery is unique none of them is the same.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chery car in Malaysia

I am sure you have seen this car, what do you think of it? I think it is low in demand in Malaysia.

I like the MPV of Chery the designed is unique but that day I have a look inside the car. I see that the assembling of it not nice.

I am not sure how much is the maintenance fee, if you know you can share the info with me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

June Shin

Thank you June Shin for sending me the jewellery that I won from her contest. I love it, it is scopio which is suitable for me! It is so special for me as my birthday is on November.

I am sure you like to see more, just check out the website of June Shin.

Happy Friday to everyone, what is your weekend plan?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cute ktty earrings

This is another creation of mine, I love it so much because it is porcelain kitty and I have got the cell phone kitty too.

This pair of earrings are so pretty, if you are in Malaysia want to make this purchase do email me. :)

I handmade them and I have so much to share at my online store. Just look at this kitty, I like kitty as pet but no longer having them as it is costly to have pet at home. Think of the injection and medication plus license to have a pet.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cell phone charm

I love making cell phone charm, I have time and I will make more. I have got shoes cell phone charm too. It is going to be Christmas soon and above is the new piece I create.

As you can see there is flower, fan and beads on it. You can see more at jewelry by S.

Check out the other jewellery I have made like kitty ring, bracelet, necklace and more.

Givenchy nail polish

I am sure you like this colour of nail polish, I like it too and I love this colour. I have got eyeko nail polish and you can buy them at

The Givenchy nail polish I have got it from a makeover voucher which I bought and redeem it. It was a few years ago and I can still use this nail polish. But you can see that this nail polish bottle cap is wrecked.

If you are thinking to buy eyeko nail polish you can use the ambassador code E3624 during check out. I often use this code and get free gift with the purchase.

Above you can see the Halloween nail polish that I have got from Eyeko. I love the colour and I still have them on my toes. As for my nails I having the pink polish and disco polish of Eyeko.

Moo Moo Cow

I am sure you like to know what is this, I don't know what it is called but you can eat this. You need to crack it open with a hammer. It is hard to chew on it, even better you can play with it. You need to make a hole in between and then you put a string to it. Just pull the string and you will see this moving and there will be sound too.

Let me know if you have played this before, it is fun and kids love to play with it. I have whole bowl of it, it belong to my relative I just there to view it. We had fun on that night, it was BBQ party.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Professional cookware

I am sure everyone have been to a restaurant, I am sure you know that professional cookware is important to cook a delicious meal. If you have the interest to run a restaurant you will need to find restaurant supply.

There are many website for you to browse, now let's get started with wasserstorm restaurant supplies. The site is user friendly and you will find they supplies to chefs, restaurants, grocers, and hotels.

If you are hiring professional chefs, I am sure they will ask for the best restaurant supply. Shopping online is so convenient now, if your orders are above $400 you will get free shipping. It is time to shop and save at the same time, for more info just click on the link above.

You can shop by catalog on the website, don't just read here click on the link to see more.

Daiso haul for me

Oh yeah this is just a few things I purchase from Daiso, can you believe it each item is only cost MYR$5. It is worth using the eyeshadows because I have got the green and blue colour which swap from a friend.

About the cosmetics, they are not showing effective colour because they are cheap. It will be nice for FOTD, if you want them to be strike colour, you will need to purchase other brand.

The legging I have got is like leopard print, I not take the black colour because I prefer this skin colour which is suitable for my skin.

So far I not buy any skin care products as I have got so many of my own to use.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gold sandal match baju kebaya?

I am trying to find out from if you think that gold sandal will match baju kebaya. My friend is going to attend the wedding dinner on this December.

I think nobody is going to notice her sandal or shoes. I am sure you like to see how she looks like on the day. I hope I am able to snap her picture to share with you.

As for me I am not sure which I am going to wear for the wedding dinner. Yeah I am going also it is on 26 December, 2009. The restaurant is located far away from here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am not sure if you have heard of this product, I find this product quite good. It is cleanser and I given it to my sister because she wants a cleanser.

She is going to use it together with another toner.

I have combination skin and oily T zone. For your infomation I mixed use skin care products.