Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chery car in Malaysia

I am sure you have seen this car, what do you think of it? I think it is low in demand in Malaysia.

I like the MPV of Chery the designed is unique but that day I have a look inside the car. I see that the assembling of it not nice.

I am not sure how much is the maintenance fee, if you know you can share the info with me.


esavebudget said...

Hey Sherry, the low demand that you mentioned is quite true only in the mainland. But here in Langkawi, it's a duty free island so the price for every car selling here are tax free so it should be 50% less than the mainland's price. Over here, cherry are sold for RM16,000 cash, with the installment it should be like around RM18,000. I've went to see the car last two years and it was really nice with the various color - green, yellow, red, white, black, orange you name it. For me the shape is quite nice. But you know what everyone was telling me back then that China imported cars are not so good. (Or are they really trying to compare with Malaysian car like Proton or Perodua? I'm not so sure) Since the price is quite cheap and affordable to many young people here they thought that the quality of the car may not be so good(keep in mind that this is just an assumption). I didn't buy the car I guess it was meant to be that way. But lots had bought cherry and the car keep on coming to Langkawi. Although it has been two years, I can see a lot youngsters driving this car. They modified the engine sound, sport rims etc and make it look like sport cars. You won't believe these youngster go 160km/h on the highway. My advise is that if you live around big city like KL or JB I advise you not to buy. Cherry is for a small town and I predict the lifespan of Cherry is between 3-5years old and after that you need to invest a lot.

esavebudget said...

And oh I'm not sure about the MPV, but it looks tough and I really do like it. If I have a family of my own I would consider of buying :)

Sherry said...

hi esavebudget, thanks for explain to me. Great info for me ;)

Yeah Chery is cheap and affordable but not sure how much the maintenance.

You can put it in your wish list :)

as traffic in KL so bad I don't think its good to own one. The fuel money will need spend alot.

Sherry said...

by they way esavebudget, I like your store, all jeans bags love them. even though I don't have one.

esavebudget said...

Thanks for visiting my store Sherry and thanks also for the compliment. Your topic was quite interesting and made me want to comment. Sorry I didn't really help much about cherry :p Anyway, I've been living in KL for a year or two and it never was the place for me :p

Sherry said...

hi esavebudget, you help me alot bout this car. :)

yeah KL is not the place for everyone. its so busy and earn money is not easy.

esavebudget said...

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