Sunday, July 26, 2009

Setting up the Restaurant

My classmate Maggie told me that she has the interest to set up a Restaurant. It is not as easy as I think it would be, she needs to find the perfect location to open the restaurant. Other than that she also needs to find the furniture's and restaurant equipment. We are lucky to have Internet access as we able to find everything we need from there. I bet she wants to know about what she needs to get started with her business.

She will be hiring a few chefs and therefore she will be looking for the professional cookware in the kitchen. If you are going to hire a chef, you know that they will need the cookware to cook. They will have the expectation of untensils they need to prepare and cook.

I like this site as it is user friendly, you can find everything related to restaurant supply, restaurant equipment, and wasserstrom restaurant supplies is the website I am checking out. I am sure she has so much to plan and discuss with her partners. I hope she will let me when I can visit her restaurant.

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