Monday, September 29, 2008

Win little tee for your little one

Yeah this is a nice tee that you can win for your little one. I love to win this little tee and keep it for someone special. Win little tee for your little one the contest is at The Write Gal .

It's real easy to take part in this giveaway just find one that you like at Appledonia’s Etsy shop and comment on the link above. Not just that you can earn extra entries by blogging this giveaway.

Giveaway ends on 2nd Oct, 2008.

Friday, September 26, 2008

How you like my blog new looked?

You know I try my best to make my blog as perfect as possible. Well tell me what you think of my new looked on this blog.

How is it? Better or worst than the previous looked? Too bad I didn't have screen shot of it to show you the previous one. It was pinky and only have a right bar to put widget on.

There are Project Wonderful ad box on the left and right bar. Even the bottom of this page as well. Forgot to mention top of the post as well. You can pick you choice to put your ads in my blog.

Making a change of template

Well I will make changes of template of this blog. So bare with me will take me a while. Couple hours maybe or more. As I also have something else to do.

Wanting to remove the google ads from the post but unable to do that so the only way for me is to change the template. Hope that I don't see it any more.

I am talking about the post which I click on every time and the same big square ads showed up bottom. I was just talking to Pangeran about this, he's heading home from work now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have got a smiley from sweet...pretty...naughty .

Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.

Toss this smile along to your friends who brightened up your day
or those whose days you want to brighten up.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Fan Sign for SweetPosh

3rd Contest @ Sweetposh

I found a nice contest where you get the chance to win some nice prizes. 3rd Contest @ SweetPosh has the contest runs from September 3-October 8, 2008

I am sure you love being creative, there's a few way where you can earn points.
  • you can blog about the contest
  • ask your friends to join the contest
  • create a fan sign url in your blog
  • place the banner at your blog

Talking about points check out below:

uniqueness of work - 40 points
writing of post about the contest - 20 points
friends post entry - 20 points each
graphics/fan sign you make - 20 points each

After you done all that, please write in as following...
1.Put CONTEST #3 on the subject area of your mail
3.URL site sign url
5.exact url of your post for the contest
6.for your friends posts entries,email me whenever they make an entry for your points.
(you may email me once a week for the links)
7.location where you put the banner

For more info, do click on the link above.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Sling Give Away

Well if you are looking for baby sling, I like to tell you that there's a baby sling giveaway. Check out these Hotslings and tell me if you like them. I don't what to tell you I just love these baby sling.

It's very easy to take part in this giveaway, all you have to do is blog about "Baby Sling Give Away"
Remembered putting the text "Hotslings" with url

Oh yeah remembered to add La Stella Blu to your blogroll.

Winners are announced at Get an extra entry for every person/blog that you sign up for the contest.

Send an email once your link is in place to .

Good afternoon

Hows everyone doing? I am now blogging since last night I slept at 3 am. Yeah it was late and I am kind of tired but its okay I have energy to blog now. Oh yeah if you like to know on why you are getting bites from mosquitoes, feel free to check out my rambling blog as I just update a post there.

It's interesting and yeah I have got more than 5 on each lists. Which mean I am having acidic body.

My friend came over few days ago asking me if I want to join the courses. I am not very interested as I need to attend almost 10 classes. Imagine parking and meals it would be quite costly in the area.

My blog contained adult content?

I was using this site to check and saw...

*Warning: This site may contain adult content. If you do not wish to view a page that you may feel inappropriate, we recommend that you do not follow the provided link to website's homepage.

Okay, come on everyone tell me something here. I don't believe my this blog having such adult content. If there's show it to me. I don't see it!

How come when I make a search on my own blogs I get to see this? I am not happy at all. I believe this is a general blog not adult blog or blog that contained adult content.

Hows your project wonderful?

Well, my project wonderful still earning bit by bit. So far its has amount of $7, still haven't reach $10. I know some blogs are earning very well.

I am sure I will need time to earn as much as $10, never mind I have plenty of time. So let's wait for it.

My dad didn't want to start any blog at the moment. He doesn't have the time to blog. He's always tired and need more rest. He took nap in the day and evening as well.

Planning on the weekends

Well, we have some planning on this weekend to go Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. We will first going for lunch in a restaurant then we will be shopping but mostly probably be windows shopping.

I didn't want to buy anything unless I really need them. I have one skin care product that I am wanting to check out the price. Well, not sure how much it cost, I can't recall the name now.

Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait till weekend. TGIF!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To celebrate my new domain contest@ Sharing My Thoughts

This is another contest which I am taking part. Check out Sharing My Thoughts to find out what I am trying to say. Also I am sure you like to know what you gonna win.

One winner:
- One-Year subscription of Good Housekeeping Magazine if the winner is from the Philippines or US$15.00 to be credited to Paypal Account for International winner
- 1,500 EC credits
- free one month 125x125 ads on my site

winners of free one month 125 x 125 ads on my site

100 EC credits to the first 30 participants.

So what are you waiting for? Click on this Contest link and head on to take part now. Contest ends on 5 Oct and Winners to be announced on 8 Oct 2008!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last minute buying mooncake

Well, its going to be end of Moon cake festival and I have bought only a few moon cake. I have plan on buying some more tomorrow.

Do you know how much is $5 pound convert into US dollar? Its $8.54 in USD.

Oh yeah lately I find that there's not much giveaway or contest that's why its kind of quite now. Maybe there will be more soon.

Did you check your PR its updated now I think.

Monday, September 8, 2008

How to get rid of smug?

My friend just told me that she was find way to clean out the smug from her new top. I am happy to share with you her little secret. She used Clorox and that's a miracle that the smug is off the new top.

Have anyone of you that used a clorox for washing or cleaning? What do you think of it?

I think that is best to use them with gloves.

Contest at Techtod

Its a nice contest happening at Techtod. If you have not heard about it, you are surely missing out alot. Contest at Techtod where you get the chance to win nice prizes.

Prizes offered :

Cash is offered via paypal or alertpay

For Place 1 :
25 $ hard cash + Bonus Gift
For Place 2 :
20 $ hard Cash + Bonus Gift
For Place 3 :
15 $ Hard Cash + Bonus gift

Bonus Gifts Based on points:

Contest Open Till : September 30 , 2008.

Contest Prize announcement : October 02 , 2008.

Saving up money

I am kind of tired today but I still manage to find time to blog. Oh well, I am wanting to save money so if I got the chance to win money. I will keep them for sure I am saving up for something. I wouldn't want to tell it now, you know as I have told before then I won't be able to make my dream come true.

It's funny but that's how it happened before. I am kicking my butt to blog as much as possible. If there's a chance for you to blog. Be sure to blog it now and don't delay.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dashing Smile First Anniversary Contest

Nice contest is going on at Dashing Smile First Anniversary Contest, its time for me to take part again. Just blog about the contest and you are on your way to win. How one blogger can take care all blogs? Check out her blogs.

Dashing Smiles | Dashing Beauty | myWeb-Blog Designs | The Love of Pixels | Lovely Pink | my Daily Sunset | Hobby and Such by Carlota | my Digi’s Creations | Monkey Reach to the Top | Kharlota dot com | Live Love Pink

Here are the prices:
  • 1 major price (brand NEW in the BOX) a Merkury Innovations (White) Docking Station, Speaker System, Clock Radio for Apple iPod.
  • For the major price, since I can’t ship it internationally a $15 will be deposited direct to your PayPal Account.
  • 1 winner of 1 year domain
  • 1 winner of customize layout (blogger platform)
  • 3 winners of 1,000 EC credit (sponsored by ms Julia-Aquino and Pinay Mommy Online)
  • 11 winners of 500 EC credit (sponsored by ms. Angel and mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online)
Whose the Sponsors again?
Julia-Aquino | Carlson Clan | Fish Hook and More | Catanico | Pinay Mommy Online | Mommy Earns Money Online | Blessings and Beyond | OnlineBiz and Resources | Lourdes' Mia | Digital Life Scraps

What are you waiting, check out the contest now. Contest ends on 14 Sept 2008.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Do I deserve to win?

There's a contest that I took part in Blogvesary Giveaways, the voting is about to end soon. This voting ends on Sept 7 that's this SUNDAY.

If you think that I deserve to win, please vote for I Luv Contest at right bar of The Joy Of Life Forever Blogvesary Giveaways.

It's Saturday and this evening I am planning to go Giant, for shopping groceries. Need to buy eggs as I love to eat half boiled eggs.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Clarins Beauty Fair

I just got an email and like to share with you. If you like skin care product like Clarins you must know that there's a fair going to be on 5th and 6th Sept at The Coronade Hotel in KL. Clarins beauty fair is up to 70% OFF.

Just for you info, I am not going as I am having other skin care product on hand which not finished using.

Looking for notebook cooler

My friend has told me that she's looking for notebook cooler. I don't much about that, can anyone advice on the brand and type to choose from. I know there are many type and yeah the price can be big different too.

She bought one which is $30 and it didn't last for Five Months. SO you see every time you are shopping you need to check on not just the price but also quality too. I think it's expensive to buy a notebook cooler and its not cheap to maintain the notebook too.

Feel free to tell me what you have in mind. I like to read your mind.