Friday, September 19, 2008

3rd Contest @ Sweetposh

I found a nice contest where you get the chance to win some nice prizes. 3rd Contest @ SweetPosh has the contest runs from September 3-October 8, 2008

I am sure you love being creative, there's a few way where you can earn points.
  • you can blog about the contest
  • ask your friends to join the contest
  • create a fan sign url in your blog
  • place the banner at your blog

Talking about points check out below:

uniqueness of work - 40 points
writing of post about the contest - 20 points
friends post entry - 20 points each
graphics/fan sign you make - 20 points each

After you done all that, please write in as following...
1.Put CONTEST #3 on the subject area of your mail
3.URL site sign url
5.exact url of your post for the contest
6.for your friends posts entries,email me whenever they make an entry for your points.
(you may email me once a week for the links)
7.location where you put the banner

For more info, do click on the link above.

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