Thursday, August 14, 2008

I want to earn some extra money

I love shopping but I can't do it without money. Yeah I can tell you that money makes the world goes round. Okay whose world is it? Basically my world, as I don't know about yours. Money is not only for shopping its very important to have them to pay the bills too. All of us have expenses...

Somebody is wanting to giveaway free money, I don't see why I missed out this great opportunity. Just trying out my luck too. Whose the person? Mai, a proud SAHM Pinoy who owned Swept Away. Seeing my Tomorrow in your Eyes .

You might be interested on the $10 PayPal Money Giveaway . Mai have two other blogs too. You can check out The Scrapaholic Me. & Love. Happiness. Us.

In case you don't know about her giveaway... This giveaway is being held in celebration of my 329th month birthday today (Lolz) and also, I have a new blog header if you haven’t noticed it yet. And I feel like celebrating it thus with the contest. Yes, we have to enjoy and celebrate even the smallest things in life.

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