Sunday, August 17, 2008

Have a break at fish spa

Oh yeah, I like to share my happiness moment with everyone. Finally, I have got the chance to try out the fish spa which I have been seeing and hearing friends talking about. This time I really do it with my sister, with out my sister I don't think I would be going.

It's really nice if have gone for shopping or having long hours walk and you just want to relax. Instead of hanging out at coffee outlet why not go have a spa for your tired legs. I know the price of it is more than a cup of coffee.

I have a wonderful experience and feeling with the fish spa. I wanted to go again but its quite costly so maybe few months from now. Once a year or twice a year to fish spa? Just kidding, we'll see... but mostly will take months from now.

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megan said...

Oh, I would love a day at the spa:) Good for you! Oh yes, my contest is international:)