Sunday, August 24, 2008

I changed for a bag and panty liner

Oh yeah I am so happy that I have got what I want in exchange of the wrappers. You still got time to exchange them for Laurier goodies . I have not seen the real item as I seen on the flyer or newspaper. So the sales lady was telling me why not change for a tupperware and panty liner. I have got 20 points + 10 points from the Laurier wrapper.

I exchange for other goodies instead which is the travelling bag and panty liner. I love the travelling bag its just suits me to go mini holiday like 2 days. I wanted to see their real item but they don't have it at all. So from her description I found out that the umbrella is smaller than the Golf umbrella. So you know that mean its not really that huge!

I did forgot about the time for exchange and lucky me is that she is around there. Oh yeah even as you can read in the paper its open to 8.30pm but the staff are willing to work till 11pm. I hope she get paid for her Over Time duty.

A woman saw my travelling bag immediately telling the sales lady that she wants the travelling bag. She was exchanging for a tupperware. She still needs 6 points so the lady asked her to buy Laurier sanitary pads to get enough points. Yeah she did go ahead. The sales lady was holding a yellow colour and an orange travelling bag. The woman ask the lady to open up so she can have a looked inside the bag. Well, I was already eyeing on the orange travelling bag since she got them.

Lucky me, the woman only wants to yellow bag instead. Its nice and mini looking travelling bag like you can put your bowling ball inside to go bowling.

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