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“Monstrously Good” Bath Time for Kids

 Being mom of 2 boys, I am always on the go and I know important of taking of children for their well being. Now every parents would be concern about their health, education and lifestyles. Skin care products for children and adults are different therefore we cannot give children to use adult skincare products.

Buds Organics is changing the conversation around bath time with their newly launched organic ‘Buds for Kids’ range, now with a brand new look. Along with the addition of two new fruity shower gel scents, Raspberry and Tutty Fruity, comes entirely new packaging featuring four adorable new fuzzy monsters, guaranteed to make bath time a fun and memorable experience for kids.

Buds Organics: A Labour of Love
Unbeknownst to many, Buds Organics is a homegrown Malaysian brand born from a loving parent’s passion to protect his kids from all the harmful chemicals out there. Made by parents for parents, it originated from the home kitchen of founder Soo Kian Kheng, who was a chemical engineer prior to starting up Buds Organics with his sister, Soo Siew Peng. Buds Organics first started from Buds Baby, a line of products that Mr. Soo lovingly created for his baby. As his kids grew up, so did Buds Baby and eventually Buds for Kids was created.

“When I saw my children suffering from sensitive skin, I knew that I couldn’t stand around doing nothing. I took it upon myself to come up with a new formula, perfectly and completely safe for my children. I understood the difficulties that parents faced in finding good bath time products which would not aggravate their children’s sensitive skin and therefore I decided to introduce Buds Organics to the world,” said Mr. Soo at the Buds for Kids launch.

Mr. Soo added that some parents do not realise the harm that they are putting their kids through. A majority of parents are not aware that conventional cleaning products contain chemicals which are too harsh for young babies and children. This leads to parents allowing their kids to use adult shower gels thus unintentionally exposing them to harsh chemicals from a very young age.

Buds Organics makes it their priority to bring parents’ attention to their children’s sensitive skin, therefore Dr. Amir Hamzah Dato’ Abdul Latif, was invited to the launch to shed some light on the topic of children’s skin. Dr. Amir is the Head of Allergy & Immunology Centre, Pantai Hospital, and the President of Malaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology (MSAI). He explained that children and babies have more delicate skin which is up to 30% thinner than adults’ skin, making them more susceptible to external irritants. “Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals contained in commercial shower gels or fragrances could possibly lead to rashes, allergic reactions, and even eczema in children. To avoid such reactions, special care has to be taken in choosing shower gels and shampoos for children,” Dr. Amir emphasised.

Understanding Labels: No More Nasties
In order to bring to attention all the ‘nasties’ hiding in conventional cleaning products, Buds Organics encourages parents to have a proper look at the ingredient labels at the back of shower gel and shampoo bottles. Ingredient lists are usually ignored by consumers as the long lists of fancy, scientific names come off as intimidating and make little sense. One of the chemicals which was brought to attention was ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulfate’, usually disguised as ‘SLS’, a common chemical found in most cleaning products like shampoo, soap, shower gels, detergents, mouthwash, and toothpaste. It has corrosive properties (which is why it is used in floor and dish detergents!) and is a proven skin and eye irritant.

ECOCERT: A Promise to Parents
So strong was Buds Organics’ dedication towards protecting children from harmful chemicals that they would stop at nothing to reassure parents that their products were fully and truly organic. Mr. Soo willingly puts Buds Organics through extremely stringent checks twice a year by ECOCERT - one of the most recognised organic certification bodies in the world. Submission to ECOCERT is a promise to parents that Buds Organics products contain a minimum of 95% certified-organic plant based ingredients. For instance, instead of using artificial perfume to fragrance the shampoos and shower gels, only the purest natural essential oils are used. Buds Organics was the first Asian brand to be recognised by ECOCERT to have a full range of certified organic personal skin and hair care products.

One such parent whose life has been touched by Buds Organics was guest speaker Mary Anne Loh, founder of Wishing Star Malaysia, a platform where members of the public come together to realise the wishes and bucket lists of kids with terminal diseases.

During the launch, she showed her unwavering support for Buds throughout the years and how Buds has been with her kids especially through all their challenges with severe skin sensitivity. “Both my sons used to suffer from really sensitive skin. Their conditions have now gotten much better than before and for that I have Buds to thank. Buds is every bit as mild and safe as they said they would be,” shared Mary Anne at the launch. Since then, her children have graduated from Buds Baby and moved on to Buds for Kids. As she has seen first-hand the effects of harsh conventional shower gels on her children’s sensitive skin, she has become a strong voice in urging parents to be more attentive to the nasty chemicals hiding in their children’s bath time products.

Children from Wishing Star were invited by Buds Organics to join in the fun and spend the day at KidZania. These cancer warriors are fighting a huge battle of their own, and while there is no way we can come close to understanding their struggles, Buds Organics was happy to help in this small way to allow them forget their worries even if it was just for a few hours.

‘Name The Monster’ Contest
In celebration of their new look, Buds for Kids is inviting children to get to know their four new furry monsters. As of now, the monsters have not been named yet and have requested that their friends, the children, be the ones to give them new names. Buds for Kids will therefore be holding a contest
via Facebook to allow kids to name all four of the monsters featured on the product bottles from 28 September 2017 to 31 October 2017.

Where to get Buds for Kids?
Buds for Kids is available for purchase at leading chain pharmacies such as Guardian, Caring and other independent pharmacies as well. Also available at Mothercare, Robinsons, selected Parkson stores, baby boutiques, and online stores.

‘Buds for Kids’ Full Range:
• Lavender Shower Gel 350ml - RM51.83
• Lavender Shampoo 350ml - RM66.67
• Lavender Conditioner 100ml - RM42.29
• Orange Shower Gel 350ml - RM51.83
• Orange Shampoo 350ml - RM66.67
• Orange Conditioner 100ml - RM42.29
• Raspberry Shower Gel 350ml - RM51.83
• Tutty Fruity Shower Gel 350ml- RM51.83
• Orange Travel Set - RM27.45
• Lavender Travel Set - RM27.45

Now you know where to shop for gift products for loved ones, and it's a nice gift for Christmas too. 

For the latest updates and more information, please visit Buds’ official homepage or and Facebook page [].

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