Thursday, September 15, 2016

Looking for green pyjamas for son

I need to find green color pyjamas, looks like my sons both have one thing in common both of them likes green color when they are kids. It's quite last minute I have got a week to make this costume for him to wear. He likes ninja turtle and saw a website that teach diy to handmade it.

Well, I don't have any green pyjamas for my son, as for YS time he had it few years back But sad to say it's no longer available as he has outgrow and the material no longer good. No longer can find that pyjamas for him. So means that I need to find new pyjamas for him ASAP.

The last time I bought for YS was at AEON. How about the shell of ninja turtle? How to make it? Lot of hard thinking now, so will need time to figure it. So 1st thing to do is find the pyjmas in green color.

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