Monday, November 2, 2015

BIOCAN: Ning Shen Herbal Soup

This is upsetting everyone in the family, it was a gift from friend. So we saw the box it is not expire yet as stated 31 DEC 2015. To my horror seeing many moving insects in the package of herbal.

Do click on the link to view the video as I have recorded it. 

#insects #inside #herbal #packed by BIOCAN HERBAL SDN BHD 26, JALAN BUDI 1, TAMAN PERINDUSTRIAN WAWASAN, 8300 #batupahat #johor #Malaysia

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Missed out the sales of October

I thought I could wait and see what's the next deal or sale. But sad to say I saw the price back to normal as I didn't took the chance to shop during the sale.

Now instead of purchase two dresses, I can only purchase one dress due to budget. The online coupon that I have is valid til December 2015. So I am thinking to use it now or wait for the next sale. What do you think?

Yesterday I just back from the media trip. I used a luggage bag and a backpack plus a sling bag. I feel sad as I lost my touch and go card! I topped it few days ago with RM50 so valid in the card would be around RM70.

The last time I lost something was few months back, where I lost a camera in I-City.

With the RM100 coupon that I have, I decided to purchase one dress instead. No waiting any more for next sale because earlier I have chosen 2 dresses with this price. But now I can only choose one because the sale is over.