Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Online shopping with iprice

My friend has just given birth to baby girl, she's having confinement at home. She told me that she needs to shop online for her newborn baby. She has cannot step out of the house during the confinement period of 40 days. With Internet access today, she can access from home easily. I found this website iprice to share with my friend, she can now access online from home to purchase online. 

 I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. They also offer coupon codes and offers to shop online.
My friend likes to shop online because she does not need to step out of the house as she's having her confinement now. She browse online when she's free, though she knows she has limited hour to browse online a day. I am sure she would take time to check on the brands available. 

Becoming new parent, she and her hubby are happy to shop online together, they are looking for suitable baby stroller. She has newborn baby girl, it's her first born. She says that she prefers stroller color that she can use for her second baby too. So I found this Sweet Heart Paris -ST899 is just nice, it is red in color. Norma price RM599 now RM399. I find that red color is suitable for boys and girls. 

I leave it to my friend to choose their favorite baby stroller for her newborn baby. I am sure she has a lot to discuss with her hubby. Online shopping is convenient as they will deliver the item to your door step. 

Being mommy of two boys I know it's important to find suitable stroller. My eldest son's stroller passed it down to his little brother to use. We are happy because we don't need to purchase new stroller. 

If you love online shopping, take a visit to this website. 

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