Friday, October 31, 2014

MOM & BABY EXPO at IDCC Mall, Shah Alam

Yesterday we headed to MOM & BABY EXPO at IDCC Mall at Shah Alam, I used the waze since I haven't been to the mall before. It is sad to see this mall is not entirely ready for shoppers. So you can't dine or shop other things. That's not all, the escalator not all working so you need to walk so much! I didn't purchase any baby diapers because I know I need to carry to my car which I parked far away in the mall.

The parking lot is very big, we are guided to park in Level 5 of IDCC Mall. The lift is not ready for usage?! It's tiring when you have toddler that runs about lucky we didn't have to bring along stroller but we use trolley bag.

The hall is very big so ready for walking many healthy steps to your favourite booth. I saw some booth I like but too bad of the convenience of the mall didn't allow me to purchase it. Imagine if I purchase 8 packs of diapers I would need to carry it and look after my toddler at the same time. Though my sis in law and eldest son follow me but they cannot help to carry so many packs of diapers at the same time too. It is better I give up the shopping there but just have fun with my son at the Halloween Contest.

The hourly lucky draw at the expo, you need spend RM180 to be entitle for hourly lucky draw. Well, you can also check there to find out more details.:D

I am very disappointed with the Halloween costume that I bought online. The online store which I complained before! I bought 2 sets of Halloween costume and both are miserable and terrible, poor quality the cape of Halloween fell out on stage... several times too!

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