Monday, June 17, 2013

Where to buy Red Cape?

Yeah I am looking to find out where I can buy the red cape just like Superman. Oh well, being stay at home mom I know my budget. Perhaps I need to hunt down one which look almost like it or just make one of it. :D

Anyway need cracking head on this, there's still tomorrow because movie date with friends on Sat. :D I am going to bring my date who is my son as my dear's working. Son's happy that he's going to watch this movie again because he misses some part of it as he went toilet with dear.

Some friends are watching this movie tonight at Paradigm mall, I received her message there are two available tickets but didn't grab it as need go at 9pm to watch. It will be too late and I know my dear's tired after work. We seldom make last minute decision on movie.


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мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I watched Man Of Steel already too, nice movie :D