Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Farm Fresh:Pure Fresh Milk

I like to drink fresh milk and I found this to share with you. It is selling at Jusco and Carrefour but I think it is not selling at all Jusco. I try to find at Sunway Pyramid but it is not available. I first tried this milk at Jusco, Midvalley then I saw this at Carrefour Subang Jaya no question ask I purchase them and drink.

The 1 liter cost RM5.80 and 2 liter cost RM10.90. Have you tried this pure fresh milk?

I am now 31 weeks pregnant and I am drinking this milk.


Vapor Cigarettes said...

I love cow's milk to drink because it is helpful for us.I think that Humans are an exception in the natural world for consuming milk past infancy, despite the fact that many humans show some degree of lactose intolerance, a characteristic that is more prevalent among individuals of African or Asian descent.

Vapor Smoking said...
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fabulous_mom said...

I bought this for my child and the goat milk. I was disappointed with the milk quality especially the goat milk. a couple of bottles were sour when i first open it and that are 3-4 days before the expiry date printed.
If you're drinking it, then that's fine. YOu can choose to throw it away after you taste something wrong. But i was forcing my child to finish it. i felt so bad after sometime i realize that the milk is actually tasting weird and sour.