Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maternity fashion

I purchase a top and legging from Jusco and I am happy with it. The cost is MYR$29.90 for the legging and the top is MYR$9.90. I try to look out for clothes for my son but I find that they are not suitable for him, it is either the price too expensive or the clothing colour just too dark for him.

Now I am 26 weeks pregnant I am going to see the doctors tomorrow, I hope everything go well. I have so much to say to the doctors, yeah I am seeing two doctors. My friend told me that she only gone for check up when she is six months pregnant, I started seeing doctor when I find out I am pregnant. I had ectopic pregnancy earlier so I cannot take the risk again, it is better to see the doctor once you know you are pregnant. I remember the doctor mention hope the thunder don't strike again.

Ectopic pregnancy tough experience for me during that time my Boss was pregnant too. I was eight weeks pregnant when I find out about the ectopic pregnancy, the clinic I visited for many times cannot detect the pregnancy even though the result on the pregnancy test kit is positive. I decided to see the doctor at the hospital. The doctor right away scan and find out that it is ectopic pregnancy and I need to go for operation the night. The night the doctor asks if I am in pain, if not wait until next morning the reason is the operation expenses will be less compare to night operation. I was having brown spots during the ectopic pregnancy.


Lisa said...

Jusco is indeed a nice place to get to maternity fashion ^^

Rajrang said...

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