Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bioglo:Body Lite Thermo-Active Body Shaping Gel

Just to update you that I am using this Bioglo:Body Lite Thermo-Active Body Shaping Gel, I only used it once a day. I prefer to use it at night and I have find that I slim down some inches of my waist. I am happy, and I am not frequent user for this product.

It is hot spicy feeling and not suitable for everyone as my housemate does not like it because she finds it itchy after apply.

A trimmer, more confident you! Experience a warm sensation with BodyLite. This fast penetrating, deep heating gel, with patented bioactive ingredients intensively shapes you up. BodyLite works around the clock to give you simply fabulous results. I use size as 50cents coin of gel on my tummy, and my thighs. Only 1 application a day is required.

Yeah you must wash hands right after applications, maybe wash a few times with soaps. Remember don't apply the gel on the broken skin or face. If there is allergy experienced stop using it. This is not suitable for pregnant woman!

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