Monday, March 22, 2010

Not just about food

The other night my friends and I head to the restaurant for supper. It is delicious wanton noodle as you can see in the picture. You are also looking at the mango snow ice, so delicious. It is not only the food that matters, the restaurant has got the enclume pot racks in the kitchen.

You need the right restaurant supplies to run the business. The night there is many people at the restaurant. I am sure they have got the suitable enclume pot rack in the kitchen. I know I need one for my kitchen as things are here and there. They should be hanging up for easy reach.

With Internet access today, you can shop easily from home or office. Another friend is interested to start a restaurant I hope she able to find the suitable enclume potracks on this site. They have many choices to choose from you just need to plan well. Like how many chef you need in the kitchen and how many staff you need to run the restaurant.

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