Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home spa scrub treament

This is my first time to own the home spa scrub treatment, I am so excited and I want to use it soon. What usually people call this is shower strap with mitten set!

Honeycomb design on one side, soft cloth on the other helps exfoliate dead cells. Cleans hard to reach places easily.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jewelry by S

Oh I am so happy to see them and want to think of what else I can make in jewellery.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Skin so Soft lotion

I want to share with you my latest hand and body lotion, it is the Skin so Soft lotion that I have purchase. As stated there is whitening and firming hand and body lotion. I don't know if this will work, so I need to try it for at least month to know because I don't use it every day.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moon in the evening

This picture taken yesterday evening and it is not dark but you can see there is moon in the sky! Yesterday Earth Hour I saw some restaurant using candle lights, it is very dark I am not sure if anyone was there to have their meal.

I was out for dinner at the cafe which is near to the college. I also purchase some Magazines so I am going to try my luck to see if I can win anything. I only purchase two magazines as other not attract me to buy. :D

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Above is the new cleanser for me, as I am giving some cleanser for my sister I found them. I have purchase some Avon cleanser and I know that not all of the range suitable for me. Check out the three cleansers that I am giving to my sister. She is waiting for me to go her place but I am not free yet.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visit Dentist for tooth whitening

It is not just about beauty but health when comes to tooth. I need tooth whitening as friends been saying that my tooth is yellowish. I like to drink coffee and tea and I have them at least once a day. I brush my teeth twice a day but I think it is not enough, I will be very happy if there is Cosmetic Dentist nearby.

If you are going for job interview I am sure you want to look good. It gives everyone a good first impression not just your attire but your tooth as well. It is not just a pretty smile but beautiful tooth whitening. My mom used to tell me that I need to brush at least 100 times while brushing my teeth to keep them white. It is not working for me and I cannot brush at least 100 times. I am not alone with the yellowish tooth.

 Redmond Dentist can help you with tooth whitening. Some of my friends are in U.S I am sure they want to know where is the location of the dentist. It is based in Redmond Washington, they are specializing in sedation dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. I know that we need to take care of our health, it is important to take care of our tooth too.

I have not thought of whitening tooth before but sometimes ago I meet up with my relatives and friends. I have not seen them for a long time, they notice that my teeth are yellowish when I smile. I fear of pain if I am going to visit the dentist, I don't think anyone can bear the pain. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kinohimitsu J'pan BustUp Drink

Something new for me as I won this from an offline contest. Not many bottle just six of it! I read that to know the result you need to take 28 bottles! I have only won a pack which is six bottles of it. So I think that's good enough for me. The pack cost around MYR$89.90.

According to the pack brochure inside of it, if you are above 30s the increase only 0.4cm. If you are below that you will increase 1cm. All is depend on individual, so let see how much I can increase or maybe none. LOL

Last night just started one bottle, the taste is prune juice! Yummy...

It is to take it before bedtime.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not just about food

The other night my friends and I head to the restaurant for supper. It is delicious wanton noodle as you can see in the picture. You are also looking at the mango snow ice, so delicious. It is not only the food that matters, the restaurant has got the enclume pot racks in the kitchen.

You need the right restaurant supplies to run the business. The night there is many people at the restaurant. I am sure they have got the suitable enclume pot rack in the kitchen. I know I need one for my kitchen as things are here and there. They should be hanging up for easy reach.

With Internet access today, you can shop easily from home or office. Another friend is interested to start a restaurant I hope she able to find the suitable enclume potracks on this site. They have many choices to choose from you just need to plan well. Like how many chef you need in the kitchen and how many staff you need to run the restaurant.

Tooth Whitening Powder

I try this tooth whitening powder it is MYR$15 130gram. It is not quite suitable for me, I find that my gum bleeding after using it. So I try to use it twice a week instead of everyday. It is blue bottle colour and I still prefer Darlie tooth paste.

It is not really refreshing, if you like Darlie it is big difference!

I forgot to say that I don't think I will buy this product again!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dining out at night

If you love dining out at night or having supper at night. Malaysia is the place to go, there will be many restaurant open at night and you will have plenty of choice to eat. Well it is of course depend which location of Malaysia you will be.

In this picture you will see delicious and famous pontian wanton noodle, it cost MYR$4 for small and medium is MYR$5, if you very hungry aim for large that cost MYR$6.

I like healthy drink like juice you can see carrot juice milk and orange juice.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wrapped wire pendant

It is my first time to wrapped wire pendant what do you think of it?

I am still tired every though the contest I take part is over. Just having some confusing about the contest right now. LOL!

One is saying commenting is by 12 midnight then another saying join contest is at 5pm. But its not written at both blogs.

Anyway contest is over why am I thinking so much. No wonder I am getting grey hairs.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Check list for baby things

If you are becoming a parent soon, I am sure you have a check list that you need to purchase to welcome the newborn. Now you need to shop for clothes for baby, you can pick the colour that you like. Most of my friends would choose colour to match the gender of baby. Two of my friends are pregnant and they will be happy to shop for baby bedding.

You don't want to add in the baby sheets when you are shopping for baby bedding. It is important for baby to feel comfortable. The baby sheets will be useful with your choice of baby crib. I am thinking my friends are going to find which suitable crib bedding sets, I am sure they will want to find their hubby to browse along.

Shopping for baby is not easy but with Internet access today, you can browse the internet to shop online. This site has got everything you need to shop for baby, so don't forget to choose the suitable crib mattress pad.

One important thing that you do not want to miss out is the diapers! You need them to change your baby, better get more as baby need to change often. By the way, you might want to choose suitable stroller for newborn.

I think of Anna Sui

I love Anna Sui and I cannot stop thinking of it so when I think of it, the colour that appear to me will be purple and black! I know there is white colour as well for limited edition cosmetics.

Now I have giveaway of free ribbon necklace with charm or pendant. Find out how to grab one for yourself!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inspired by anna sui

When I think of Anna Sui I think of the colour purple and black. So I decided to give a try on it. Indeed they do turn out lovely, what do you think?

You can see more at my handmade blog. I have some Anna Sui cosmetics and I love using them. I often go out so I will put on the make up, don't get me wrong as I have the foundation of it. Not everything on Anna Sui I can afford to buy.

Now the necklace with one pendant is MYR$20 inclusive of registered post in Malaysia. If you buy more I can give discount. :D

I love custom made and this is one of them!

Can body shapers help you to slim down?

My housemate has purchase this but so far she used twice. She never wears it anymore because it is difficult for her to put on. I can't agree more as the clasp on is at the back so you need someone to help you to clasp it.

This is not cheap and it is price around MYR$50. Anyway I am not interested to purchase this as I went to try at the shop and find out that it is not suitable for me. As for my friend she has not try out and she just want to purchase it.

Now she is eyeing to find way to slim down without any pain.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nivea Visage : Sparkling White day and night

I love beauty products and I like this NIVEA sparking white! I am using both for day and night.

At first this product is good for my skin but after a long use I see that it creates small pimples on my cheek. As my friend told me that if use too much of moisturiser you will find it grow pimples on face.

I mix use of skin care products and I know that this is not suitable for my skin any more.

My sister told me that usually she try skin care product the same brand for first time will be nice for skin but after 1st set using 2nd set it will not be suitable for skin. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Angel fashion necklace!

I love fashion and jewelry and they are great combination!

Above you are looking at the pretty angel necklace, I have got one for my mom and she loves it!

My mom was wearing the purple dress so I chosen the purple ribbon necklace for her with the angel.

I have got a pink one for myself, now if you are looking for giveaway check out my other blog.

I love red

This is my prelove red dress, I cannot believe that I can no longer fit in. Well I can still wear it the problem my arm is tight at the sleeve.

I like red colour and I wore this on Deepavali to my friend's house. It has been sometimes since I visit my friend. She is busy with her work now, she is working as credit controller and she is good at it.

We were classmate and she is doing so well now. She changes her Proton Iswara to Hyundai Getz. She is happy and I am happy for her.

Dining at restaurant

I love blogging and I know that I need time off. Sometimes I would choose to dine out, eat at the restaurant is fun with friends. I know that some restaurants need improvement as they are not using the right restaurant supply. My friends and I waited for almost an hour to see the food serve. Most customers are not happy as they do not like to wait long.

Even though they have the staff but they do not have restaurant equipment that suitable for them. With Internet access today you are able to browse and search online for the equipment and supply.

Wasserstrom restaurant supplies have everything you need to run a restaurant. If you want to serve delicious food, you not only need the chef but equipments as well.

Apple green tea and Honey green tea

In this picture you can see the Apple green tea that is in orange colour, the middle bottle is the Honey green tea. I can say that the honey green tea for me is taste horrible. We went to the temple last Sunday so there is not many choice on drinks.

Dining out is nice as that day we have no choice but dine at the vegetarian shop at the temple. It is costly just four of us and it cost MYR$50.