Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas necklace

Oh yeah I love to share my creation with you, it is Christmas Necklace. Just look at them, to see closer just click on the picture. Just slip it on your neck as these necklace do not have clasp.

You can see the difference on the picture. Looks great if you put on the two necklaces?

As you can see two types of snow flakes on the each necklace is not the same. One is very long necklace as you can see in the picture, I know some girls prefer to have long necklace. :D

Selling each necklace MYR$13 inclusive of registered post in Malaysia. :D

You can even customize the necklace, like check out the charm on the 1st picture. The price of customize is not the same as the necklaces you see in the picture.

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