Friday, September 4, 2009

How to go Uptown 2 by car?

I sure love going to places but I am not a good driver with good direction. Just like to share some info about how to go Uptown 2 by car. I am not sure how to say this you will need to pass the orange light tunnel and keep to the left to see shoplot and business centres. From there if to left and turn to the left, just go in from the first junction and you are in the area of Uptown.

Recently I just find out there is Uptown 1 to Uptown 5 in the area. I was lost at SS23 and SS22, Uptown 2 is at SS21/37. The other day I went to Black Decker and it was around the area but not in SS21!!

If you are taking a taxi from Subang Jaya, it will cost you RM25. The other day we took the taxi and it cost us RM60! Obviously the driver is earning almost triple the amount!

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