Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Make you a model!

Well, if you are interested to become a model for the day. Go ahead to Estee Lauder Model Seach 2009 roadshow at Jusco Kinta City, Ipoh from 16 June to 21 July.

Metrojaya Plaza Pelangi, Concourse, JB from 25 June to 28 July.

Isetan KLCC, Concourse, KL from July 7 to 11 July.

Easy to take part you just need to purchase the Estee Lauder Model Search package RM280!

Too bad I am not a model and I know my limit so I am not going. :(


Diving Equipment said...

I have to make a working model of a part of the peripheral nervous system. The only requirements are that it must be small and must also be interactive (works in some way).

Sherry said...

its never easy to become a model