Saturday, June 27, 2009

Have a look at Zerona laser

I don't know about you but I am looking at Zerona laser, if you know anyone that is looking for hair solution and losing inches from their waist. Let them know about Zerona, it is a machine. My friends are looking for hair removal and I let them to know about this Laser Hair Removal Clinic which is located in Thornhill, Canada.

This website is user friendly, you will able to browse for the information that you are looking for. I am looking at their price list and services. It is amazing you get to choose the packages that you prefer, they are having the special promotions on certain laser treatments like Full Legs and Bikini, and Full Arms and Under Arms.

Keep in mind that their services are not only for women but also men. I have a friend that interested to know more of the lipo laser. I think it will be great for her to check on this site. I know she keeps telling me that she is losing confident of herself. I believe she needs a makeover and I am sure she will be feeling fresh and new person. I know this is up to individual, not everyone feel the same.

There is a video you can view at, it's the doctors' show. My lady friend is not keen on exercise and she prefers a faster way to lose inches off her waist, hips, and thighs. She tried on diet but they are not working on her. She has been starving herself and her family is worry about her.

One of my friends told me that even Celebrities will go for the laser liposuction. I know you like know more about the Zerona machine, take a visit to the and The first website which I just mention the link is the official website of the machine, as for the second link is a blog from a doctor in L.A that uses it.

I know people who have interest in hair removal and laser liposuction, they will find this website useful. I think if you have any question about the Zerona laser, you should check out their websites first. Don't feel shy to ask them question, I am sure they will get back to you.


Serena said...

Sherry, thank you so much for writing about the Zerona laser. If you readers are interested in looking at the clinical studies behind Zerona or some great before and after photos, feel free to send them to

If we can ever be of assistance, let us know!


sissy's Pastime said...

Hi sherry thanks for stopping by at my site. I sent the ec to your entrecards in your site Hotels for All, coz thats the only way I can contact you, I just clicked on Momgen's winners link in here site. I sent 1000ec from my sissy's pastime blog and 1000ec from my solitude and serenity. try check it. and then i left a message in your blog there asking for the code of your ads.

Sherry said...

hi Serena, Sissy's pastime, thanks :P

Diving Equipment said...

I need lipo. I want to try the Zerona laser lipo. Does anyone know where in Canada that it is offered? Has anyone tried it and if so what were your results?

Sherry said...

@diving equipment, I have not tried it.