Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guide to good living

I have not been sleeping well lately, I know that I need to learn how to live good living. I know the best way to find out is browse the Internet online. I love to read magazine and I find this Scrubs interesting to read. I like this as I can read it online any where any place. It is my first time to check out Scrubsmag, you can just click on the link to see it for yourself.

Tell me if you know any summer fashion, I don't know any when I check this site I know more and read more about beauty and summer fashion. I like to read more about make up and beauty because I am not very good at them.

I have not been getting enough sleep and I find this post Wake Up Looking Younger. I have not tried grooming at night, I read that grooming at night can make your skin calm down by morning. Have anyone tried that? Sleep Right is important and I know now that sleeping on one side will lead to more wrinkles. Do you know that wearing makeup to sleep is bad for you?

I love reading beauty tips and secrets, it is important to start taking care of my skin before aging.


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