Friday, May 15, 2009

S.I.Y after 10 days

Yeah I have tried the S.I.Y which also known as Slim It Yourself for 10 days, the pass motion usually happened on the next day morning. It can be early morning as early as 4.30! It is easy to drink as there are 10 bottles of 10ml for the day and 10 bottles of 10ml for the night.

Ingredient: Natural Amino Acid Complex, Astaxanthin, Chito-oilgossaccharide, Acerola, Neem Leaf Extract, Pro-biotic.

Work on: Body Firm Up, Body Slim & Shape, Body Clean Up, Body Replenish.

Suitable for all adults except on medication, children below age 15.

Price: RM$198 a box.

The taste is very strong prune juice, you will need a straw to suck it out. It is better to suck it out with just one breath.

I feel extreme thirsty after drinking one bottle. I need to drink at least 2 to 3 litre of water a day. I am not alone as even my friends are saying the same.

I have slim down 3 kilos after drinking a box.

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