Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to withdraw fund from Project Wonderful?

Yesterday this blog PW has delete so I have got balance of $9.41 in account. I have no idea how to withdraw the fund as I know that I need to have at least $10 to withdraw it. I ask Makoy a Filipino Blogger who is working in Singapore for advice.

Today I saw in my email that I have got fund! Yeah it is from PW and I like to thank Makoy for helping me out. If you do not know anything it is always best to ask. :)

How to withdraw fund from PW? If you see the amount is not enough, you just need to add min of $5. Then you can withdraw the total amount that you want.


Janette Toral said...

Hi Sherry. Thanks for sharing the info. I also have Project Wonderful and will follow that step if in case I need to withdraw much sooner. Thanks!

Sherry said...

hi Janette, hope this will help you out. :)

WebbieLady said...

Hmmmm... I have $24 earnings... maybe I better withdraw it when it reaches $30 or $50. The thing i like about project wonderful is, if they suspend the ad, the earnings retain.

Sherry said...

that is wise decision :) yeah you are right the earning retain. I think it will be difficult for them to approve my other blog. its always rejected.