Monday, February 9, 2009

Shopping for pot racks

My kitchen is in terrible messed. I am still looking for the pot racks. I know they are many types and I am looking at this Enclume pot racks . Do you know that my pots are every where in my kitchen. I have a few pots and I do not have the right place to put them.

Tell me what do you think of the Enclume pot rack ? I am interested on the hanging pot racks and lighted pot racks. I know my sister will be having many suggestion and I am going to see what she is going to tell me.

Do you know that there are sales at Enclume potracks. I think if you are going to shop for pot racks it is better to buy them online. It is cheaper and you get free shipping too! I know some shops offer you the best price but they have not tell you about the shipping fees.

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