Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clinique skincare product

Have you try any of the Clinique skincare product? What do you think about it? I have not try it yet and the other day I bring my sister along and we bought the same cleanser. It cost only $78 a bottle and this is very cheap compare to other brand that I have bought.

Maybe I need to survey to see other type of skincare. This bottle is 200ml and not 100ml. I think there is a promotion going on til end of this month. You better hurry up go find out at the local counter.


Anonymous said...

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PinayMom said...

Hi Sherry! Kindly send me your banner code(html), i don't know how to install your banner using your provided link..sensya na medyo newbie ako sa html hehe

Sherry said...

hi pinaymom I just come by to leave comment at your blog

Marky said...

Hi! Congrats for being one of the winners in PinayAds contest! Anyway, I already sent the 1000EC in this url like what you said: http://entrecard.com/details/77743 and your 125x125 banner is up in my site for two weeks! Congrats again!