Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are you crazy about golf?

I have not play golf before but one of my friends been telling me that he is going to bring me to play golf. He loves to play golf and I am sure he like to find out about Chiemsee .With Internet access today it is so easy for us to find out information online.

I am not sure if he is an expert in playing golf. Another friend of mine, Andy is a golfer too. He will be going to the golf club once a week. He told me that he will need a lot practice to be good at it. I like to share this website that I found with him. I like to know what he is going to tell me about Golf Platzreife . Andy told me that playing golf is part of his Sports life.

Andy does not like any other sports but golf. I think he is more familiar with the golf shops than me. Checking out this website I find that they are a German golf portal, and they do everything with golf. They even have golf school offers course from children through to the Playing permission in Germany (Platzreife) their golf shop is the biggest in Germany offering all brand name.

I hope some day I can go try out the Golf sport . I know I will be the beginner in playing the golf. That is alright as I am willing to learn. Right now, I just want to contact my friend that promise me to bring me to play golf.

As for you, if you are interested to learn play golf. You can also click on this site to find out. If you are looking for golf shop, this maybe the site for you. My dad told me that he does not know how to play golf. He told me that many years ago, his friends invited him to play golf but he did not go. Now, he thinks that it is too late for him to learn. I think age has no barrier. If he has the interest to learn, he can still learn now.

One of my friends told me that her hubby loves playing golf. So she will go along if he wants to play golf. I think she is lucky to have find the man that willing to share everything with her. She told me so much about golf. She has not play golf before but now she likes it. Her hubby found a good companion to play golf with and that is her.

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