Friday, December 5, 2008

Shopping lists for Christmas

This is a shopping list for Christmas which I really want for this year.

  1. The Apple Macbook Air for blogging online and interact with friends.
  2. A comfy office chair for me as having bad pain with current one.
  3. Sony Digital Camera T700 snap pics during my free time.
  4. Sunglasses just like Prada Butterfly Sunglasses as I do not have one at all.
  5. 34 inch plasma screen TV for my living room.
I can get most of them from this wonderful site. I can make a list of ten items but I do not want to be greedy 5 will be enough!

Love my lists? Get one for yourself and be sure to check out Annie Spandex on how to win prizes up to £250 in prizes!

Don't wait til 22 December, that will be too late!


Annie said...

Thanks--you're entered! Good luck!

Shinade said...

Oh my I will have to check this out with Annie. But, I already posted my Christmas list online. Well I hinted!!

Happy weekend:-)

Sherry said...

Shinade ,Happy weekend to you too :)