Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I bought a bag for $20

I love bags and the other day I went to Subang Parade, I spot two bags they are red and orange in colour. You know how much it cost? It is only buy two at $39.90. I decided to buy and I asked the Sales Girl about the colour. There is another color for the bag that is black in colour.

You have no idea I have no regrets buying the bag because I just love pockets just like shopping for jeans. There are so many things I like to fill the pockets with. No kidding, I love them so much I cannot wait to put them on. As for the bag it is large enough to use a travel bag too.

I manage to buy it by asking my friend to buy as well. Jenny bought orange colour and mine is black! By the way my contest has started where you can win 68,000 EC.

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