Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shopping for legging

Well, I am not the one that looking for legging. I have already got 2 pair and seldom wear them. I am saving them up to wear on special occasion. Oh yeah some relative been asking me to buy stuff from them.

It's kind of sad is that they don't really bother if you have the money or not or how's your living situation or even your debt.

All in their mind is get to sell the things and have got commission and get free trip for holiday. I can't help it, I must say that I am kind of fed up with them.

As you can see that Oct is about to end in just a day or two. The relative called me and asking me if I want to buy and telling me that the offer is about to expired. So what? I am not depending on tha product to live my life. Plus they are people who can't even afford to buy and I don't see them having a hard life.

Please tell me how do you tell them to leave you alone. I really like to hear from you.

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