Monday, August 4, 2008

Do you love Pearls?

Say have you bought any pearl before? I did many years back but I found out that there are fake and its too late as they written once sold its not returnable.

How do you know whether its a fake or a real pearl? I have been wanting to know about these so long ago. I still don't know about it. Some people said bite it but I don't think the sales person in shop would allowed you to bite every pearl.

The pearl that I bought which its fake its made of Plastic. I did not know its fake until my mom accidentally placed in her top and did not withdraw before putting in the washing machine. Oh yeah the pearl bracelet that cost $150.

Now I see that there's even black colour and grey colour pearl oh even pink colour too. What colour is pearl?


Pangeran Wiguan said...

Original pearl is always white in color. Other than that, there is a black color too. But this is very rare and much more expensive.

If you want to buy cheap original pearl(The one made by the oyster), you can buy the cultured pearl.

It was not a plastic.
It was a real calcium chloride from the body of oyster.

Sherry said...

I have seen many products like skin care with ingredient of pearl. Not sure if its real. Never try out.