Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What you really really want

Here one friend that I like to talk about, she is having problem making decision. She did payment on her items earlier with the seller but I think they have miss communication and she ended up only getting one item from the seller.

My friend has bought two items but the seller only send one item because it has been so long the Seller did not kept her promise about keeping her items for her as she was not able to make her full payment purchase and Seller promise will wait and kept the items for her.

Now the Seller is asking for shipping fees for her item. She did pay all the balance off many months ago but the Seller was the one that kept saying she has send the item. One thing for sure the Seller never ask or confirm about her shipping address. So far she only got a item that she bought.

So if you are her will you pay the shipping fees? As you know that you have paid all the balance months ago and Seller now complain she had make a few shipping but never reach her at all. I know it's my friend problem. But I like to know your view as well.

If me I may think that, it depends whether you really like the item or not if yes. Then you can pay the shipping fees and next time buying from the Seller again don't hold the payment. It's one EXPENSIVE lesson that cost you to prevent making the same mistake.

Please tell me yours.

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