Monday, July 21, 2008

My sis loves shopping

I don't know if men will loves shopping like women. But I can tell you that my sister loves shopping. Every time I go shopping with her it will take her a long time to pick a suitable top or pants for her. She's shopping more on office clothing and colors are usually dark colors. Not that she loves dark colors is because where she works.

She has to check on the stocks always and even packing so she can't wear any bright colors. But she do wear bright colors occasionally. She did told me that if she wore bright colors its very easy to get stained.

I think she has to go warehouse to check on stock too. Not just checking but packing as well.


Anonymous said...

She seems like me. I love shopping too and i always try to find the best deal at the store or out there.... Lately i got addicted to this shopping site. I got 3 dresses and a t-shirt for really good price all designer labels... Anyway good luck with shopping....

Sherry said...

hi Sarah, thanks for sharing will let her know about it.