Monday, July 14, 2008

Low fat milk and full cream milk

I have been wanting to buy some Low Fat milk or Full Cream milk but very sad I did not buy them at all. Why? The price for a litre has increase so much. From $3.35 it's selling $3.90 for a litre. OMG, I don't want to buy until there's promotion price.

I seldom drink any fomula kind of milk as I am just adding the low fat milk or full cream milk in my coffee. It's nice to drink that way but now I think I have to switch back to fomula powder. Why they are putting the price so expensive? Even other brand I have compare almost the same and guess what the cheaper brand are sold out!

The other day I saw the price was $3.50 and I thought it's expensive and didn't buy at all. Who knows the price gone up to $3.90 per litre.

Tell me how much does your low fat milk or full cream milk you buy? I know some have cows so they don't have to buy at all. I don't have cows or goats so I have to buy from market.

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