Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How do you save on fuel?

I am sure everybody got some tips on saving, I like to know how to save on fuel. I don't know how you save as the weather here is hot and I think my car is drying up on fuel.

Anyone having a car that runs on fuel?

My car is always under the hot sun and I do find that even I don't drive it the fuel really dried up. I have to pump at least $30 each time and if I pumped $60 it's only half the tank full.

I know some people choose to ride motorcycle but I can't because when ever I go shopping I would buy a lot so that I don't have to go for a few trips. Car is good with more space to put the groceries and bags.

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Pembrokeshire Directory said...

My car is outside everyday in the sun when we have it :) I put £40 I think that about $80 a week in it,just general running around it a ford c-max