Sunday, April 6, 2008

Opps! Short of $

Last night I went grocery shopping at Giant. lol I gave the cashier money and I didn't know it was short of $100. How careless of me! I am just tired as I didn't get enough sleep. It's like when I want to sleep but mind just doesn't want at all.

Each time shopping for grocery would cost more than $100. Last night spend $250 and don't forget the 6 bottle drinks which I bought $66. Whats the name of that? Gosh I just can't recall it. It's healthy drink which is less expensive than birdnest.

I have survey about birdnest and it cost $300 plus a for bottle which you can consume for only 2 weeks. Too expensive I rather spend on $11 on a bottle which will give the same effect.

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