Monday, February 28, 2011

Shopping for plus size clothing

I am plus size UK14 size, I am always on the hunt to look for suitable plus size clothing. Now there is plus size clothing online for you to check out. I am happy to say that with Internet access today we are able to shop online from cozy home or office. If you are plus size I am sure you know how hard to find the style and size that fit you.

I have friends plus size like me even thought they are bigger size than me they will be happy like me to visit this website for womens plus size clothing. I don't know many website that offers plus size clothing for women, this website you can find plus size tops, bottoms, blouses and dresses. If you are looking for plus size collections such as beach and casual attire check out this website.

Being plus size is difficult to find the suitable clothing with women's plus size clothing I don't have to worry about shopping. I now know where to shop for new arrivals and sale items. Above picture you are looking at the Plus Size Pastel Cubes 3/4 Sleeves Tunic by a Personal Touch, sale price now is $19.99 under sale items. You can see more clothes if you visit the website.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Laura Mercier voucher

It is sad to see that my friend is unable to collect her prize from Laura Mercier. She won it last year and it has due and expired. She has interest to collect the prize but she is too far away. I think she is really lucky to win the prize but sad to see she unable to attend. I cannot use the voucher because it comes with a letter and stated that only she can redeem the prize.

Sun Inns Hotel

I am surprise to see many budget hotels available now and one of them is Sun Inns Hotel. It is located nearby Sunway Pyramid. I also saw the Sun Inns Hotel available at Puchong. I think they are many branches of Sun Inns Hotel available. If you make a Google search you can find out more about this hotel.

So far I have a friend that stay at Sun Inns Hotel and she has no complain about it. I don't know about you, there is many choice of other hotel available now.

When comes to hotel, I think about food and activities.

Looking for travel advice

I love doing things that I love but I know from time to time we need a break. I am sure you are like me looking for travel advice and planning tips. I found a website to share with you on vacation ideas. I know having vacation is fun but planning it is not easy.

My friends told me that they have interest to go vacation but unsure where to go. That is why we can visit this website for the travel advice and planning tips. This website has the U.S travel destinations. Everyone has got different interest on vacation; it could be adventure vacation, beach vacation, scenic vacation, urban vacation, and even food vacation. Some of my friends are looking for delicious food during their vacation. Their interest of vacation is eating; this is how they enjoy their life.

If you have interest to travel in U.S destination where would it be? You can visit this website for the vacation ideas. They have a list of U.S destinations at the side bar. If you have friend with interest to go South-western U.S vacations, Midwest U.S vacations, Northwest U.S vacations, South-eastern U.S vacations they can get start from this website. The website is easy to browse and user friendly.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun@Sunway Lagoon,dinner@Shogun

It is fun day for us today, my bro called up around 1pm to inform that he is in PJ and will be on the way to Sunway Lagoon and we just need to meet up there. We reached Sunway Pyramid and look for parking around 2pm. We head to the Water Park at Sunway Lagoon and my kid has good splashing time there. We spend almost three hours there and my dear has no interest to swim at all because he is watching out the bags and taking pictures.

We then head to Chicken Rice Shop for a drink while the children have their dinner there. We didn't take the dinner there as we wanted to eat at Shogun. We left Sunway Pyramid at 9pm and the parking cost us $8.