Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sweat something off

Do you think you can sweat off a pound each time you do exercise maybe like evening walk or plays tennis? Yes you can!

Other than that, I am sure you can stopped having supper after 8pm? Well don't pressure yourself.

I know some friends worked up a sweat while moving a lot of furniture. Well, really save up money hiring people when you can looked for friends.

When comes to money there's no time to sweat the small stuff when you face a lot of billing.

Spend wisely :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fight for it

I am sure you are familar with Ebay. Do you fight for it? I mean you like the item you like so you keep on bidding until you have won it?

Well I have friends that do that but in the end telling me its not worth it. Why? The seller have other similar things and its not really worth to fight for it. But what can I say?

Anyway its really challenging and if you have the money sure the highest bidder is the Winner.

Crazy offer

I must say I see every place now like having crazy offer and I can't believe it that its so much and I bought so much of things like clothing and jewelry.

Who doesnt like shopping and I am sure you too be busy shopping lately.

So what have you whopped up?