Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Watsons Brand "Switch.Save.Win" Grand Finale Event

Dear readers and visitors of my blog, welcome to my blog. Happy Mother's Day to mom in the world, how did you spend the Mother's Day? As for me I attended the Watsons Brand "Switch.Save.Win" Grand Finale Event because I am one of the 300 lucky Watsons members that took part in the contestants. If you have followed my blog, you would know of this contest, you may click on the link to read if you have forgotten about it. Yeah we are the contestants and there are few challenges that we need to take part in order to be among the lucky winners to go the beautiful Island of Phillippines. Read on to find out if I have won the Grand Final Event..

Total 80 lucky Watsons members and their friends will be treated to an all-expenses paid holiday for two to explore the beautiful islands in the Philippines for 3 nights/4 days as a result of the grand finale of the Watsons Switch.Save.Win contest, held in conjunction with the Switch and Save with Watsons Brand campaign. Three hundred selected Watsons members who participated in the contest campaign competed against each other in 3 rounds of games at an event held at Paradigm mall, along with Watsons celebrity friends Arja Lee, Sasha Saidin,Thanuja Ananthan and Amber Chia who’s joining the winners to Philippines trip.

 The contest which began from 25 January to 2 April 2018, attracted 70,000 entries. To enter the contest, a Watsons member simply needed to spend RM30 on Watsons brand products (in a single receipt) to be eligible for one entry or spend RM30 in at least one (1) of the participating brands (Arome by Watsons, Collagen by Watsons, Hair System by Watsons, Naturals by Watsons, Water360 by Watsons) and a Watsons brand product (in a single receipt) to be eligible for two entries. Purchases were made in any Watsons store or via the Watsons online store (watsons.com.my)
The 40 lucky Watsons members together with
top management from Watsons Malaysia, Philippines
Tourism and Watsons celebrity friends
during the prize presentation ceremony.
At the grand finale, the 300 lucky Watsons members had to go through 3 game rounds of elimination until the final round where the 40 grand winners were announced. Individual participants first had to compete in a picture collage challenge in the first round. At the second round, participants were grouped in groups in a puzzle challenge where they had to guess the value of some Watsons brand products. The final round involved the participants in groups to answer a series of questions and also compete in a final game activity. Each elimination round tested the knowledge of the Watsons Members of Watsons Brand products and pricing, and how affordable the prices are as compared to the other brands in the market. Watsons celebrity friends Arja Lee, Sasha Saidin and Thanuja Ananthan were invited to participate along with the contestants. After a grueling 3 rounds of challenges, 40 Watsons members stood out to be the best among the rest and each winning a 4 days/3nights all expenses paid holiday for two to the Philippines supported by the Philippine Department of Tourism.
Game 1, picture Collage.

It's exciting and heart beating moment at the same time. I didn't know that I be this lucky to be one of the contestants. First we got to queue up at 2pm for registration and we got to like Facebook pages of the sponsors with print screens and showed it during registration. The first task of the game would be selfie with Watsons Brand product, a photo of Cebu Philippines Airline, a photo of Cebu Island and put the hashtags post on own Facebook account. The first one hundreds that complete this tasks entitle to continue for game 2.

The Game 2 would be the Puzzle and Guess the value of the products. But wait, how many groups are there? Total of 6 groups and each group has 10 members of it.

We have the stickers on during the showing our posting to counter and each of us given a stick to put on. The color of the sticker represent the group that we are in. Coincidence I am same group with Kathy, she too is one of the lucky 100 members to continue the Game 2.
Spot me as we have completed the puzzle and price was right

Think that picture puzzle will be simple but it's not, there's tasks to complete as we need to have a team work to go memory the price of products and same time putting the puzzle together. Also guessing the price of the products on the puzzle. Only 4 teams move on with the Game 3. We are lucky to have one member that is very good with numbers, indeed she is working in accounting and memory as the screen just shown 3 times of price of each item that's it! We need correctly count how much the Watsons products on the puzzle cost.

So exciting everyone is excited and Game 3 that is Q&A, lots of questions will be ask mostly about Philippines and of course questions related to WATSONS Malaysia. We are allow to use smart phone to check but I was too nervous and no time to Google it. The Q&A session we are given a paper that has the WATSONS on it and top of  it shown BINGO. By answering each question correctly will get a stamp on the letter starts from W, A,T,S,O,N, S. The questions have got multiple choices of A,B,C,D. There's boxes of A,B,C,D available at the event where we got to run in the box for the answer. Members will need to get in the correct letter in order to get a stamp. Indeed a challenging and heart beating time, by the time I collected 7 stamps it's getting even more harder to win. So now you know the answer, I am not among the 40 lucky winners but I have lot fun participating from start til the end of the game. There's bonus for members who did not win. The 300 lucky members of WATSONS that attended on the day didn't go home with empty hand as each of us bring home RM100 worth of WATSONS products. Just to redeem the goodie using the sticker that we have registered since 2pm.

During the event, Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia, Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia with His Excellency, Charles C. Jose, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines to Malaysia and Dato’ Melissa Ong, Marketing Director of the Philippine Department of Tourism were present to award the 40 winners the all-expenses paid trip.
(From Left)

Sasha Saidin, Arja Lee, Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia,

His Excellency,Charles C. Jose, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines to Malaysia, 
Ms Vicky (His Excellency, Charles C. Jose’s spouse),

Dato’ Melissa Ong, Marketing Director of the Philippine Department of Tourism and Thanuja Ananthan

“We are privileged to have the support of the Philippine Department of Tourism in the Watsons Switch.Save.Win contest and also our official social media partners, OHBULAN!, SAYS and Viral Cham, in making this contest a worthwhile experience for our Watsons members,” added Caryn Loh.

The Watsons Brand go through an extensive research and development programme and stringent quality process goes into each Watsons Brand item to create products that are safe and effective in meeting Watsons customers’ needs. Each Watsons Brand product is put through an 18-month quality control test and is tested again throughout the production process, to make sure that Watsons customers receive nothing but the best.

Thank you Watsons Malaysia for the carnation flower for moms Happy Mother's Day!

With Internet access today we can shop anywhere anytime. Love to check out the Watsons Malaysia for the wide variety of products – from personal care items, beauty essentials, and healthcare –
Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer provides our customers the choice to save as much without compromising on quality. If you have interest to know the exclusive promotion and offers on Watsons Brand products, visit www.watsons.com.my/switchandsave

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Shesyira As said...

I love shopping my skincare and toiletries at watsons since they always have promotion.using watsons card oun can collect point

Mimi Azirah said...

Wah Sherry bestnya you joint Watsons's event. I tengok pun rasa enjoy sebab ramai yang join dan looks happening. Yang best dapat bunga carnation for Mother's Day ya.

Hanny Abdullah said...

Lama dah tak beli barang dekat Watson. Ada satu Watson dekat dengan rumah sis..dulu suka beli barang-barang makeup di sana..memang sis suka shopping barang-barang makeup dekat watson..senang

The Fat Paw said...

With great give away prizes like this, I should really consider taking part in contests!

Mrs Liez said...

My fav place to shop my makeup and toiletries. Seronoknya dpt shopping bhk dkt watson. The event look happening and ramai yang sertainya

Zharif Azis said...

Wahhh i love this kind of event. Hopefully to join it soon. And yes, watson is my favourite drug store. So many things can we get in just one store.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Watsons is really my go-to place for grooming and skincare - especially with its exciting schemes every now and then. Happy Mothers Day to you.

mama tisya said...

syoknye dpt join event ni...pernah join juga under watson tp dkt mytown shopping centre...syok Grand prize dpt holiday ke philiphine tu

Lia Hasty said...

I'm a Watson members too. Ofcourse I love to shopping here for my personal things . this event looks happening .

Amanda Suria said...

i never buy any item at watson..i more prefer guardian..but after this i must change to watson lor..since they have member card with much of benefits

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Wah untungla 300 pemenang tu. Macam2 hadiah diaorang dapatkan. Suka juga shoppingbkat warsons sbb mcm2 brg ada kat sini

Cerita Huda said...

wah best yer pemenang yang bertuah untuk lucky draw. You pun lucky juga dapat bunga sempena Mother Day dari Watson. Event yang meriah hosted by Watson. Awesome!!

Khai Artzfar said...

wahh! so many people lah! i always use watsons since there;'s a lot of promo. plus we can get points when we buy at watsons

Sunshine Kelly said...

Oh wow! such a great and fun event to be at. Hope to join you girls next round.

Kylie wenn said...

I wanna go watsons to shop.. So many ppl.. Such a great event and congratulations to all the winners..... Hope the grand prize winner hv a great trip in phlippines..

Mawardi Yunus said...

Wah tak tahu pulak watsons ada anjur event ni. nampak menarik. meriah betul tu